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Needle Extensions & Guides

All Cheshire Medical surgical instruments are guaranteed against defects in materials & workmanship for the life of the instrument!

(does not include misuse, abuse or normal wear & tear)



    Chesmed Needle Extension
    ● Extends the length of your syringe permitting the use of small inexpensive needles.
    ● Eliminates the need for expensive spinal needles for paracervical blocks.
    ● Can save hundreds of dollars annually in needle costs.
    ● Malleable-can be bent to almost any angle for improved visibility.
    ● Luer Lok fittings permit quick attachment of needle & syringe.


  CM24-586   Chesmed Needle Extension, 3"   $27.10
      CM24-588   Chesmed Needle Extension, 4"     27.90
      CM24-590   Chesmed Needle Extension, 5"     28.80
      CM24-591   Chesmed Needle Extension, 6"     29.50
    Iowa Trumpet Needle Guide


  Iowa Trumpet Needle Guide, 6"   127.60


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