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Surgical Instruments

All Cheshire Medical surgical instruments are guaranteed against defects in materials & workmanship for the life of the instrument!

(does not include misuse, abuse or normal wear & tear)

Bariatric Instruments Biopsy Forceps Circumcison & Umbilical Clamps Dilators & Os Dilators Dressing & Polyp Fcps
Dressing & Tissue Fcps Endocervical & Endometrial Curettes Endocervical Spec & Ten Hooks Hemostats Hysterectomy Forceps
Hysterectomy Scissors Insufflation Cannulas I.U.D. Removal Laminaria Inserters LEEP Instruments
Needle Extensions & Guides Needle Holders Obstetrical Forceps Ovum Forceps Pelvimeters
Pessaries Scissors Sponge, Sterlizer & Towel Clamps SS Cups & Trays Tenaculum Forceps
Urethral Sounds Scalpel Handles Uterine Curettes Uterine Dressing & Polyps Fcps Uterine Elevators
Uterine Sounds Vaginal Specula Vasectomy Vulvar Biopsy Punches  


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