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                                                                                       Antepartum Monitors

    Huntleigh Antepartum Monitors            
  Baby Dopplex 3000   single  


  Baby Dopplex 3002   twins  


  Baby Dopplex 3000 provides a unique set of benefits for the user. It is supported by a wide range of accessories,        
  educational material and most importantly comprehensive customer care.  With increasing cost awareness and trends        
    towards community care, there is now a clear need for an affordable, low cost fetal monitor.  The Baby Dopplex 3000        
    meets this need and is easy to use in any environment from the home right through to the delivery room.  Available in a        
    twins module also.                
    IMEX VersaLab Antepartum Monitor        

  CM07-725   single  


  CM07-725T   twins  


  The VersaLab APM is a portable, economical antepartum monitor (APM) for performing non-stress tests. It is the smallest        
  and lightest APM available featuring a built-in printer. It is the ultimate in portability and convenience.        
    Integrated Printer - The integrated printer provides an immediate, real time print-out of the non-stress test so there no        
    waiting for results. The VersaLab APM lets you avoid the hassle of connecting a printer to interpret the exam after the fact.        
    Documentation for Reimbursement - Provides on-the-spot documentation of the non-stress test exam. The        
    comprehensive documentation is clear, easy to interpret, aids in reimbursement, allows for placement in the patientís chart        
    and makes repeat tests easier to compare.        
    Numeric or Graphic Display - Choose whether the display presents the Fetal Heart Rate (FHR)  and Toco readouts as        
    large numbers  or a graph trended over time. The printout will always show the test information in a simple to read graph.        
    Very Affordable - The VersaLab APM was designed for use in an obstetricianís office, antepartum clinic or in-home        
    monitoring. We kept your  needs in mind, and made it easy and  truly portable. But most importantly, we designed it to be        
    affordable for the clinician.        
    Value-Packed - VersaLab APM for non-stress testing offers the following great features.        
    1. Lightweight, battery or line-operated for greater portability        
    2. Integrated printer for immediate documentation        
    3. Sensitive doppler and uterine activity indicator for the most accurate results possible        
    4. Configurable alarms for more personalized testing        
    5. Separate patient and clinician event markers for easier interpretation        
    6. Large display for easy viewing        
    7. Increased versatility with adjustable tilt-stand for wall mounting or desktop use        
    8. Designed for durability and long life        

VersaLab APM Technical Specifications

    Weight (main unit only)   1.9 kg. (4.1 lb.)                
    Dimensions   31cm. x 23 cm. x 7.3 cm. (12.2 x 9.1 x 2.9 in.)        
    Doppler Technology   Continuous Wave (CW) unfocused, 2 MHz probe        
    Battery Type   7.2V NiMH, 6x4/5A, rechargeable            
    Full Charge life   3 hours                
    Battery Recharge Time   3 hours                
    Graphic Display   320 x 240 pixel color or b/w            
    Printer   Thermal, 104mm print width, 832 dots, 8 dots/mm        
    Printer Paper   Roll, 112 mm wide, thermal            
    Print Speed   3 cm/minute                

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