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Disposable HSG, SONOhysterography Catheters &Uterine Manipulators

        HSG Catheter for Hysterosalpingography        

  This flexible, small size (5 or 7Fr.) catheter features a unique design that provides previously unavailable freedom from trauma for the patient.  Using the placement sheath, the balloon-bearing catheter is quickly positioned through the cervix and  into the uterus....comfortable for the  patient....easy for the physician.        
        *   Placement sheath eliminates the need for a tenaculum        
        *   Facilitates easier viewing of the cervical os        
        *   Also effective in intraoperative tubal lavage        
        *   Available in a complete tray        
        *    Available with an integrated stylet that gives the catheter a "memory" - can be bent to any shape for easy insertion.        
        CM06-105F   HSG Catheter, 5French, box of 10   $205.90    
        CM06-107F   HSG Catheter, 7French, box of 10   205.90    
        CM06-105FM   As above, but with integrated sylet, 5Fr.   231.80    
        CM06-107FM   As above, but with integrated sylet, 7Fr.   231.80    

  HSG Catheter Tray        
      Fenestrated Drape   Povidine-Iodine Ointment        
      Disposable Speculum   Povidine-Iodine Solution (2 packets)        
      Disposable Sound   36" Extension Tubing        
      Two 8" Cotton Swabs   20cc syringe        
      Two 6" Sponge Sticks   18 Gauge Needle- 1 1/2"        
        Sterile Wrap   Lubricating Jelly Packet        
        Five 3 x 3 Gauze Pads   OB Pad        
        Tray for Povidine-Iodine Solution   Os finder        
        CM06-300F   Tray w/No Catheter, case of 10   247.80    
        CM06-305F   Tray w/ 5French Catheter, case of 10   453.70    
        CM06-307F   Tray w/7French Catheter, case of 10   453.70    

  SONOcatheter for Sonohysterography        
      CM06-405F   SONOcatheter, 5French 33cm long, box of 10  


        The simple, cost-effective choice for the ultrasound examination of the uterus.        
        *   Unique introducer sheath facilitates insertion into the cervical os with minimal trauma    
        *   7cm marker provides optimal placement of catheter tip into the uterus    
        *   Balloonless configuration is ideal for post-menopausal patients with stenotic cervices, as well as for nulliparous patients    
        *   Small catheter size allows easy placement next to the ultrasound probe        
        EZ Inject Catheter for Sonohysterography        

  CM30-407EZ   EZ Inject Catheter, box of 10  


      *  Simple to use-insert & inject        
        *  No distal balloon to block your view of the uterus        
        *  Specially designed tip helps prevent leakage.        
        *  Cost effective        
        Uterine Manipulators        

  CM30-660   4.5mm, box of 12  


        EZ Glide Manipulator            
      CM30-662   4.5mm, box of 12  



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